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K-Tuned Race-Spec Billet Shifter Box / K series engine swapped EG EK DC2 EF KTD-RSX-PRO

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It is no secret that K-Tuned is in close contact with the drivers of  some of the fastest import race cars in the world. So when Spoon Sports  of Japan asked us for a Billet RSX Shifter to use in an endurance road  race car they were working on, we graciously accepted their request. In  conjunction with Spoon Sports, feedback from several other racers  influenced and accelerated the design of our Race-Spec Billet RSX  Shifter that was already on the design table. At a quick glance, the  shifter closely resembles the original design with a few changes made to the shift lever and elbow to support the high demands of race cars.  The Race-Spec Shifter uses a simpler fixed elbow position, which is only height adjustable and ideal for circuit racers who really like to use  the tallest setting. For drag racers, this design is perfect for heavy  shifting in cars with dog box transmissions and straight cut gears.  Unlike a stock transmission, most of us know that you can't shift a dog  box setup with light hands.

The K-Tuned Pro Billet RSX Shifter is a direct replacement for the OEM  2002-2006 RSX-S shifter box and was been designed to work with both  factory and aftermarket shifter cables. The full billet design is  extremely strong and eliminates all the flex and looseness that are felt with the stock plastic box. The shift lever and pivot ball are made  from solid stainless steel and are seated in a spring loaded brass  socket. This combination of stainless and brass allows the two materials to lap together while the springs push up and eliminate “play” at the  ball. For mounting, there are two different sets of holes on the base,  so it can be easily bolted into several stock and K-swap applications.  The Race-Spec Billet RSX Shifter was designed for professional hard-core racers and we are pleased to offer them a shifter that is truly "Race  Proven".



  • 2002-2006 Acura RSX
  • 2001-2005 Honda Civic EM2/ES
  • K-Series swapped EF,EG,EK,DC2

Note: Shift Knobs Sold Separately

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