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Competition Clutch 02-06 Acura RSX K20/K24 Stage 2 - Organic Sprung Clutch Kit w/ Flywheel 8090-ST-2100

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Competition Clutch's new clutch kit with flywheel for the Honda K-Series engines provides an increase in horsepower holding capacity with excellent drivability characteristics. Tuned for maximum drivability without any ECU reprogramming, this kit retains emission compliance specifications. The new clutch kit provides the ideal balance of sport driving and daily driving clutch use.

Many new features are responsible for these positive attributes. The disc size has been increased from 212mm to 230mm and the plate load increased from 1700 to 2200 lbf. The redesigned release bearing provides a consistent pedal feel and smooth load transfer between engagements. The new steel flywheel design works in harmony with the factory ECU and avoids disabling the misfire detection. The weight of the flywheel has been optimized to 16lbs for a smoother shifting feel. All clutch kits are provided with an alignment tool, pilot bushing and throw-out bearing.

Competition Clutch offers a double diaphragm pressure plate on some applications. Look for -X extension on part numbers. Double diaphragm increases holding power and pedal pressure by staking two diaphragms on top of each other, and is not suitable for street applications.

Stage 2 clutch kit - provides approximately 80% torque capacity increase and is designed for aggressive street driving and moderate track use. Carbon Kevlar material combined with alloy backing matched to a performance pressure plate will offer smooth engagement and longer life. Competition Clutch requires at least 300 miles (500 recommended) to properly break-in this set-up.

Part # 8090-ST-2100


02-06 RSX-S

06-11 Honda Civic Si

04-08 TSX (w/RSX-S flywheel)

02-05 Civic Si (w/RSX-S flywheel)

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